Top 3 Distributors for the Electronic Distributor with Pickup Coil Parts

Top 3 Distributors for the Electronic Distributor with Pickup Coil Parts

With countless aftermarket distributors out there, electronic distributor with pickup coil parts are one of the most sought-after electronic components on the market today. So, finding the most precise and high-quality pickup coils for your vehicle to achieve maximum performance is essential.

This can only be achieved by choosing genuine and high-quality electronic distributors with pickup coil parts from reliable distributors, such as those listed toward the end of this article.

Before you choose the most suitable components for your vehicle, make sure you understand what they are and how to tell if they have gone bad.

What is an Electronic Distributor with Pickup Coil Parts?

Pickup coils are an integral part of the vehicle ignition system. They are designed to generate a voltage pulse used by the ignition module as an RPM and timing sensor, which fires the coil at the right time, starting with the first cylinder located at the top of the engine.

Does an electronic distributor need a coil?

The electronic distributor module does not replace points and coil completely. Instead, it replaces the points and the condenser, as there still must be a coil to step up the voltage high enough to jump the plug gap under compression.

Signs of a Bad Electronic Distributor with Pickup Coil Parts

Pickup coils work with a vehicle’s ignition system, regulating sparks and communicating with fuel injectors. However, when there are problems within a pickup coil, there will be various mechanical and performance issues. When one fails, it can adversely affect multiple vehicle systems, including the engine and fuel system regulators. 

The following are signs to look out for which foretell a faulty ignition coil within your vehicle.

No Engine Spark

One of the first symptoms of pickup coil failure is no spark in engines meaning that the spark plugs are not receiving the proper information to fire correctly. This may further result in the failure of fuel injectors and, thus, your car not starting.

Rough Idle

When the spark plugs are not communicating the proper timing to the fuel injectors, your vehicle can start idling roughly. With inadequate fuel in the engine block, your car will begin rattling when completely still.


A malfunctioning pickup coil may cause engine stalling and misfiring of the fuel injectors, which can cause an inability to accelerate. Engine stalling typically occurs after your vehicle starts rough idling. In extreme cases, this misfiring can shut down your vehicle entirely while driving. However, your car can resume after its engine completely cools off.

How to Replace an Electronic Distributor with Pickup Coil Parts

The preceding symptoms show how to tell whether a pickup coil has failed. If these symptoms are apparent in your vehicle, the methods below can help properly replace your parts. 

Two methods are involved in replacing the electronic distributor with pickup coil parts within your vehicle: Replacing the pickup coil while the distributor is in place or replacing the pickup coil while the distributor is removed. 

Method 1

Disconnect the battery

Remove the negative terminal on the battery and set it aside so that it does make any contact with any part of the body.


Remove the rotor and the distributor cap 

First, unplug the ignition wire from the ignition coil and plug it into the distributor cap’s center.

Next, select the proper screwdriver to remove your distributor cap. Once you lift the lid off, you can easily remove the ignition rotor.

Remove the ignition pickup coil

Disconnect the electrical wires to the pickup. Once you disconnect the wires, start removing the mounting screws on the pickup coil or the outer part of the distributor.

Replace the pickup coil

Install the new pickup coil, ensuring the wire connectors and mounting screws are correctly tightened.


Afterward, reinstall the ignition rotor, distributor cap, and plug/coil wires.

Method 2

Unplug the distributor

After following steps 1-3 from the first method, mark the location of any wires or connectors necessary to remove the distributor.

Remove the distributor 

Before removing the distributor, use a high-visibility felt-tipped marker in order to place a mark on the distributor shaft and the engine to mark the distributor’s location.

After, remove the distributor mounting bolt and then the distributor altogether.

Replace the ignition pickup

Replace the ignition pickup with the distributor placed on a flat surface, ensuring that all connections are properly secured.

Reinstall the distributor

Now, you can reinstall the mounting bolt. However, do not secure it tightly immediately since a bit of distributor rotation may be necessary to set the timing correctly.

Check the ignition timing

Before the last step, connect the ignition timing light power or ground connectors to the battery. 


Connect the spark plug pickup to the number one cylinder wire and start the engine, shining the timing light on the marks on the ignition. While one mark will stay still on the engine, the other will start to rotate.

As a note, ensure that the marks line up. If they don’t, rotate the distributor until they do.

Secure the distributor mounting bolt

After lining up the ignition timing marks, turn off the engine and secure the distributor mounting bolt.


Here are the top distributors for you to check out in order to find the right electronic distributor with pickup coil parts for your vehicle. 


Headquartered in New Taipei City, CENS has 40 years of experience in Taiwan’s B2B sourcing service media.

It primarily focuses on industries such as Auto Parts, Hardware/Hand tools, Machinery/Machine tools, Industrial Parts, lighting, and Furniture Parts.

Premier Auto Trade

A leader in importing quality EFI and Engine Management components, Premier Auto Trade has been a significant supplier to the automotive aftermarket for over 20 years.

It carries some of the most extensive ranges of quality Engine Management and Service components, specializing in original equipment (OEM) products.

Wells Vehicle Electronics

In 1903, Wells Vehicle Electronics was established to meet the growing auto industry’s need for authentic and reliable electrical parts. Wells became a design, engineering, and manufacturing pioneer, providing its customers with innovative, high-quality components.


It has further played an instrumental role in creating a network serving the needs of the vehicle aftermarket.


Whether your vehicle’s electronic distributor requires proper maintenance or a little boost, check out the top-tier aftermarket distributors listed above and decide which one will be the most suitable for you and your technical needs.

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