Top 10 Active Electronic Parts Distributors List – 2022

Top 10 Active Electronic Parts Distributors List – 2022

A company that acquires all electronic components from numerous manufacturers and sells them to customers from a single location is known as an electronic components distributor.

Reputable electronics distributors already offer online stores where merchants may place orders. Because electronics distributors have vital access to and control over their supply chain, they can sell various active electronic parts online at meagre prices. Once more, they keep in stock obsolete electronic components since there is no demand for them. They also keep in stock a variety of obsolete electronic components that are difficult for consumers to find on the open market.

It is known that only a few sizable consumer electronics distributors can offer a wide range of electronic components to their customers. Furthermore, these electronics distributors offer their customers technical help and complete electrical components solutions. It’s not a revolutionary business strategy to outsource operations and maintain a single b2b electronics distributor for continuous supply. Whereas smaller enterprises find it challenging to do so, it has improved the availability of resources internationally. With the ability to purchase active electronic parts online and deliver them to their location, the industry has greatly benefited. Many smaller electronics distributors often buy their electronic components from some of the largest active  electronic parts distributors.

For the electronic supply chain, active electronic parts distributors are crucial. You can choose from the broadest selection of semiconductors, small- to medium-sized parts, development boards, etc. B2b electronics distributors make it simple for all component supplies to be available on the global market, helping entrepreneurs and companies introduce their innovative electrical products. Many enterprises would otherwise cease operations if they were not guaranteed a simple and affordable supply of parts.

The top active electronic parts distributors for 2022 are shown below.

  1. Digikey Electronics

Digi-Key Electronics, headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, is a well-known global leader in high-service electrical component distribution components and automation solutions. An essential resource for design engineers since its founding in 1972. Today, Digi-Key, one of the top electronic component distributors, has the most extensive inventory of electronic components anywhere in the world that can be shipped right away.

  1. Mouser Electronics

The company’s worldwide headquarters and distribution facility are located in the DFW Metroplex, Texas, on a vast 78-acre property. [5] Over 1,200 manufacturing names, including Texas Instruments, Intel, TE Connectivity, and Analog Devices, have inventories totalling over a million distinct SKUs in facilities spanning one million square feet.

  1. Future Electronics

With its main office in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Future Electronics Inc. is an electrical and active electronic parts distributor. One of Quebec’s largest privately owned businesses, the organisation was founded in 1968 by Canadian millionaire Robert Miller and is today the third-largest electronics wholesaler in the world. In the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, it runs operations in 170 locations in 44 nations.

  1. Newark

From its regional distribution base in South Carolina, Newark services its activities throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In North America and other parts of the world, the firm is dedicated to meeting local language, currency, product, and shipment requirements in North America and other parts of the world. As a result, Farnell is better equipped to meet your demands because of its extensive worldwide operations, access to inventory, and solid supplier partnerships.

5. Arrow Electronics

With $20.4 billion in revenue in 2012, Arrow is one of the largest  active electronic parts distributors. Through a worldwide network of more than 470 facilities in 55 countries, Arrow acts as a supply channel partner for more than 100,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and industrial clients.

Arrow, a Fortune 150 company with 16,500 employees worldwide, serves a variety of industries, including industrial equipment, information systems, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defence, medical and life sciences, telecommunication services, and consumer electronics. It also assists clients in introducing innovative products, cutting down on time to market, and improving overall competitiveness.

6. Avnet

Active electronic parts distributor and solutions provider Avnet, Inc. The business promotes, sells, and distributes active electronic parts from producers, including transistors, interconnections, passive and electromechanical parts, and other integrated and embedded parts.

7. WPG Holding

WPG Holding Co Ltd. is a semiconductor and electronics distributor based in Taiwan. APAC is their largest market. Value-added services include demand generation, turnkey solutions, technical support, warehousing, shipping, and e-commerce for semiconductor distribution.

8. Premier Farnell 

Through its Group entities, Premier Farnell Plc. Provides high-quality, multi-channel assistance to millions of engineers and buying professionals worldwide. From over 3,500 reputable suppliers, they supply everything from electrical components to industrial goods.

9. Rutronik Electronics

With $1 billion in yearly sales, Rutronik is a privately held, broad-line, restocking distributor with operations around the globe. It is now listed as the third-largest distributor of electronic components in Europe and the eleventh-largest overall. In addition to embedded boards, storage devices, displays, and wireless goods, their product line comprises transistors and passive and electromechanical components—automobiles, healthcare, industrial goods, household appliances, energy, and lighting. In addition to offering a broad range of parts, Rutronik provides clients worldwide with unmatched customer care and technical support and consulting services for technical, business, and logistical difficulties.

10. TTI

TTI, Inc. sells semiconductor products. The company offers electromechanical equipment, passive components, potentiometers, trimmers, cables and wires identification goods, application tools, and magnetic and circuit protection elements. TTI serves worldwide industrial, military, aerospace, and consumer electronics producers.

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