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Isolators, also known as isolation amplifiers or optoisolators, are electronic devices designed to provide electrical isolation between two circuits while allowing signal transmission. They are important in various applications where it is necessary to separate different electrical circuits for safety, noise reduction, or signal integrity purposes.

The primary function of isolators is to prevent unwanted electrical coupling between circuits, which differences in ground potentials, high voltages, or electromagnetic interference can cause. In addition, they protect sensitive electronic components and circuits from damage by providing isolation, ensuring accurate signal transmission, and improving system reliability.

Isolators typically consist of input and output sides, separated by a barrier or isolation region. The input side receives the electrical signal from one circuit, converted into an optical signal or magnetic field. This converted signal is then transmitted through the isolation barrier to the output side, which is reconverted back into an electrical signal and delivered to the receiving circuit.

The isolation barrier in isolators can take different forms, such as optocouplers that use light to transmit signals or magnetic isolators that use magnetic fields. These barriers provide galvanic isolation, which means there is no direct connection between the output and the input sides.

Isolators are used in various applications, including industrial automation, medical devices, power systems, telecommunications, and automotive electronics. They ensure electrical safety, reduce noise interference, eliminate ground loops, and maintain signal integrity.

Overall, isolators are essential electronic components for achieving electrical isolation and protecting circuits from potential harm. In addition, they contribute to the overall performance, reliability, and safety of electronic systems by effectively separating and transmitting signals between different circuits.

The main types of isolators are the following:



Optocouplers, also known as optoisolators, use an optical signal to transmit information between the input and output sides. They consist of an LED (Light Emitting Diode) on the input side and a photodetector on the output side, separated by an isolation barrier. The input side is driven by an electrical signal that controls the LED, and the resulting light is detected on the output side to generate the corresponding output signal.

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Magnetic Isolators

Magnetic isolators, also called magnetic couplers or magnetic isolators, use magnetic fields to transfer signals across the isolation barrier. They employ magnetic circuits and coils on the input and output sides, allowing the signal to be coupled magnetically from one side to the other. Magnetic isolators can provide high-voltage isolation and are suitable for applications with high noise immunity.

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Capacitive Isolators

Capacitive isolators use capacitive coupling to transmit signals. They have two plates, one on the input side and one on the output side, with an insulating layer in between. The capacitance between the plates allows the signal to pass through while providing electrical isolation.

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Transformer-Based Isolators

Transformer-based isolators utilize transformers to transfer signals across the isolation barrier. They consist of two coils wound around a shared magnetic core. The signal is coupled from the primary to the secondary side through electromagnetic induction.

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What do you need an isolator for?


An isolation switch serves as a circuit breaker on your main electrical supply. It ensures electrical work safety, such as installing an EV charger or solar system within your property. A private electrician or anyone working on your home can safely use it to complete electrical tasks.


Is the isolator a breaker?


An isolator is an off-loading device operating when the current is zero, and the power supply is off. In contrast, a circuit breaker is an on-load device, functioning even when the power supply is on.


Do you need an isolator?


An isolator switch is utilized in situations with a risk of electric shocks, like damp conditions. Switching “off” creates a circuit breaker, halting the current flow. This ensures safety while working on the circuit, eliminating the risk of electrocution.


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