Gas Discharge Tube Arresters (GDT)

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Gas Discharge Tube Arresters (GDTs) play an indispensable role in preserving the integrity of electronic circuits and communication systems against unexpected transient overvoltages. Such overvoltages, predominantly resulting from unpredictable lightning strikes or sudden electrical interferences, can inflict catastrophic damage on delicate electronic components. GDTs function by initiating a spark or "discharge" amidst two or multiple electrodes enclosed within a gas-filled chamber. This timely discharge mechanism channels detrimental electrical surges away, ensuring the seamless operation of devices and circuits. With the surge protection landscape continually evolving, the need for dependable and efficient GDTs becomes paramount. Recognizing this essential requirement, BD Electronics Ltd has consistently been at the forefront, offering an extensive range of superior Gas Discharge Tube Arresters. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and performance, professionals and businesses alike regard BD Electronics Ltd as their primary choice for procuring top-tier GDTs.

Two-electrode GDTs

Two-electrode GDTs Two-electrode GDTs are the most fundamental type of gas discharge tube arresters. Comprising just two electrodes, these devices are designed for straightforward surge protection in single-line circuits. When an overvoltage occurs, the gas between the electrodes ionizes, allowing current to flow between them and thus diverting the surge away from sensitive equipment. Due to their simplicity, they are often preferred for basic applications. When sourcing reliable Two-electrode GDTs, consider BD Electronics Ltd's comprehensive selection.

Three-electrode GDTs

Three-electrode GDTs Introducing an additional electrode into the mix, Three-electrode GDTs provide an extra layer of protection. This middle electrode is often connected to a ground, allowing for even more effective surge diversion, especially in complex circuit arrangements. This type is particularly suitable for multi-line protection or where balanced protection on two lines is required. BD Electronics Ltd offers a diverse range of these GDTs, ensuring optimal protection.

High Surge GDTs

High Surge GDTs Designed specifically for environments prone to intense electrical disturbances, High Surge GDTs can withstand significant transient overvoltages. Their robust design ensures that even the most substantial surges are safely diverted, making them ideal for applications such as telecommunication installations near lightning-prone areas. For top-tier High Surge GDTs, BD Electronics Ltd is the premier choice.

Miniature GDTs

Miniature GDTs When space is at a premium, Miniature GDTs come to the rescue. These GDTs offer all the protective functionalities of their larger counterparts but are designed for compact applications, making them perfect for modern electronics where space optimization is essential. Explore BD Electronics Ltd's offerings for high-quality Miniature GDTs.

Surface Mount GDTs

Surface Mount GDTs These GDTs are tailored for today's electronics landscape, where PCBs dominate. Surface Mount GDTs come with terminals suitable for soldering directly onto circuit boards, ensuring seamless integration with modern manufacturing processes. For an array of Surface Mount GDTs, BD Electronics Ltd has an expansive catalogue.

High Insulation Resistance (IR) GDTs

High Insulation Resistance (IR) GDTs In applications where minimal leakage current is essential, High IR GDTs are pivotal. They ensure excellent insulation, preventing unwanted minor currents from flowing, which is crucial in high-precision electronics. BD Electronics Ltd is proud to offer these specialized GDTs for demanding applications.

Fail-Short GDTs

Fail-Short GDTs Safety is paramount, and Fail-Short GDTs ensure just that. Designed to create a short circuit upon their failure, they make certain that systems remain safe, even in the rare event of a malfunction. For these safety-first arresters, BD Electronics Ltd is a trusted source.

High Voltage GDTs

High Voltage GDTs For high-voltage operations, specialized GDTs are required. High Voltage GDTs are built to handle and divert surges in systems that operate at much higher voltages than typical electronic equipment. When high voltage protection is of the essence, look no further than BD Electronics Ltd.

Integrated GDTs With Other Components

Integrated GDTs With Other Components Combining the protective functions of GDTs with other components, these integrated solutions offer multi-faceted protection. For instance, a GDT might be integrated with a diode to offer both surge protection and rectification. For a holistic protective solution, BD Electronics Ltd provides a range of integrated GDTs. For each of these specialized Gas Discharge Tube Arresters, BD Electronics Ltd stands as a reliable distributor, ensuring that quality and functionality are never compromised. Search Gas Discharge Tube Arresters on our website now!

We Are a Distributor of Gas Discharge Tube Arresters

BD Electronics Ltd has carved a niche as a leading Gas Discharge Tube Arresters distributor. Our curated selection is vast and versatile, meticulously designed to offer robust protection across varying circuitry and communication frameworks. Our ethos revolves around delivering unparalleled quality, and our reputation is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to excellence, prompt dispatch, and offering competitive Gas Discharge Tube Arresters prices. Being a vanguard in the Circuit Protection Products in Europe, we are continually refining our offerings. When you choose to collaborate with BD Electronics Ltd, you're not just selecting a distributor; you're aligning with a legacy of trust, reliability, and top-tier quality.


Q: How does a gas discharge tube work? 

A: A gas discharge tube functions by allowing a voltage surge to initiate a spark or discharge between electrodes within a gas-filled tube, thus diverting the harmful overvoltage away from sensitive circuits.

Q: How does a gas tube lightning arrestor work? 

A: It operates similarly to a GDT by providing a path for lightning-induced surges to be safely grounded, protecting the connected equipment.

Q: What are gas arrestors used for? 

A: Gas arrestors protect electronic and communication systems from voltage surges, such as those caused by lightning.

Q: What are the examples of gas discharge tube?

A: Examples include neon lamps, fluorescent tubes, and various types of GDT arresters.

Q: What is the basic principle of discharge tube?

A: It operates on the principle of ionizing gas within the tube to allow electrical discharge or spark between electrodes.

Q: What is gas discharge process? 

A: It's the process where gas becomes ionized and allows electrical current to flow through, resulting in a visible or invisible discharge.

Q: Where to order Gas Discharge Tube Arresters?

A: Order top-quality Gas Discharge Tube Arresters from BD Electronics Ltd, a leading distributor in the field.

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For superior protection against voltage surges and to fortify your systems, choose BD Electronics Ltd. We provide an unmatched range in Gas Discharge Tube Arresters, ensuring your equipment remains safeguarded against unpredictable electrical disturbances. Reach out to our Online Store and explore the best in Circuit Protection Products today.

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