Introduction to Verical and Arrow

Introduction to Verical and Arrow

Verical is a part of Arrow Electronics, an international online marketplace for high-tech manufacturing. One of the most extensive stocks of electronic components currently in stock can be found on Manufacturers of electronic components and Arrow-owned franchisee distributors immediately distribute our factory inventories. Over a million SKUs worth over $9 billion from more than 550 top manufacturers and franchised distributors worldwide are available on our website. These businesses upload their unsold inventory to and update it frequently, up to once every ten minutes. These goods are all available for shipping right away.

Verical’s marketplace, which combines cutting-edge technology and robust procedures, aids businesses along the supply chain in managing their inescapable surpluses and shortages. The Verical components catalogue is the hub of this market. Only parts from reputable manufacturers and franchise distributors are included in the inventory catalogue. The Verical catalogue offers customers a simple, dependable, and quick way to locate and acquire the necessary parts to satisfy their requirements. Verical provides the crucial information customers need to make smarter decisions faster by providing transparent information on pricing, RoHS status, part alternatives, and transportation time to locations worldwide. Verical only offers products with warranties and traceability.

What is Verical?

The largest and fastest-growing electronic component market is Verical. Since its launch in 2007, Vertical has offered an online marketplace with the most comprehensive selection of electronic components. On, more than 800 of the top electronics manufacturers in the world and their authorised channels publish their unsold inventories at competitive prices.

Why trust Verical?

Verical is not a broker.

Verical is a trusted online marketplace for high-quality electronic components. The company lists only inventory sourced from component manufacturers and its authorised channels.

Verical takes the panic out of procurement.

Verical stocks millions of hard-to-find parts from our trusted sources. The company refreshes the product listings as often as every 10 minutes, and online purchases are completed in real-time and shipped almost immediately.

Verical is a well-established global marketplace.

Verical’s suppliers list unsold inventory sourced from manufacturers and their authorised channels worldwide in the firm’s extensive global network. Customers can source inventory from the location closest to their site.

Verical guarantees the products.

Every part the company sells is guaranteed authentic. All companies posting on are required to be authorised or provide verifiable certification of their products. Customers can trust that every product Verical sells through the marketplace is 100% traceable. The company also offers full manufacturers or Verical warranty on all products.

Verical takes the haggle and hassle out of procurement.

The company offers some of the lowest non-negotiable prices you will find anywhere. Customers can quickly compare prices, get quotes, and instantly purchase the necessary components with multiple listings.

Buying is even easier if the client is an customer

Because Verical is a company of Arrow Electronics Inc., buying through Verical requires no new vendor set-up or new vendor qualification for Arrow customers. Simply launch a purchase order to your existing Arrow vendor code.

Global is Verical’s business.

Verical has customer service agents all over the world ready to help. Customers can also choose chat, email, or phone to find fast, friendly service for their order, quote, or billing question.

Who is Arrow?

Arrow Electronics drives innovation for more than 220,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. We create technological solutions that enhance daily living and business, with projected revenues of $34.48 billion in 2021.

Five Years Out, a means of thinking about the concrete future to bridge the gap between what is possible and the practical techniques to make it happen, expresses our strategic direction of guiding innovation ahead.

Electronic Components

Offering customers components to build their designs, engineering support, customised systems and technology platform solutions. Arrow partners with customers to provide solutions that bring ideas to life and get end products to market faster.

Enterprise Computing Solutions

As a leader in global IT distribution, Arrow’s global enterprise computing solutions business helps vendors and IT providers grow. The company provides deep technical expertise, innovative, real-world solutions and digital platforms that help accelerate growth.

Intelligent Solutions

Arrow’s Intelligent Solutions business has been building and integrating technology solutions for over 20 years. We enable and support the entire lifecycle — from ideation, development, prototyping, and new product introduction to manufacturing and global distribution.

Are Arrow and Verical the Same?

The online electronics component emporium has undergone a facelift, according to Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW). The newly renovated has a new homepage with an accessible parts search, smartphone friendliness, language accessibility, and more noticeable information about the manufacturers offering warrantied, traceable parts through the site.

According to Matt Anderson, the chief digital officer at Arrow, “we work in the world of five years to enable our clients and partners to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.” We apply this forward-thinking to all aspects of our business, which is why Arrow invests strategically in digital and e-commerce.

To provide quick access to the site’s particular parts-search feature, where they may search by manufacturer, component number, or category, Arrow’s digital team rebuilt’s main page in May. Since then, a 30% increase in users accessing via the homepage has resulted in a higher conversion rate. was redesigned by the digital team at Arrow using HTML 5, making it fully functional and viewable on any mobile device. As a result, mobile traffic to has increased by over 70%.

There is also a simplified Chinese language option on the newly redesigned Over the upcoming months, Arrow intends to provide translations in additional languages.

Finally, visitors may find more context and details regarding’s homepage, including the site’s connection to Arrow. The manufacturers and franchised distributors post their unsold components at cheap pricing on and are also prominently featured on the homepage.

With over 450 of the top manufacturers and franchised distributors in the world publishing their unsold, warrantied inventories at competitive prices on, which Arrow Electronics acquired in 2010, boasts the most extensive inventory of in-stock, warrantied, and traceable components in the world. Listings are updated as frequently as every ten minutes, and parts can be ordered instantly and delivered virtually instantly. The payment arrangements, credit limits, and pre-payment savings available to current Arrow customers are simple to utilise on

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