Electronic Distributor for Toyota Forklift

Electronic Distributor for Toyota Forklift

Based in Columbus, Indiana, Toyota has assembled over 500,000 leading forklifts worldwide since 1998 and has consecutively been the number one forklift manufacturing company for many years. 

They mainly supply Canadian and North American businesses with high-end models and material handling solutions, driving the Canadian and U.S. supply chains to peak productivity.  

Toyota forklifts are also equipped with the System of Active Stability (SAS), a preventative system helping reduce potential accidents and encouraging sustainability, making its products both safe and environment-friendly. 

For the Toyota forklift model to achieve and maintain its maximum performance throughout its life-cycle, precisely fitting parts of the highest and most reliable quality are needed, such as a specially designed electronic distributor, one of its best sought-after parts. 

This can only be achieved by choosing genuine and high-quality Toyota forklift repair parts from reliable Toyota distributors.

Before we set off to find the best distributor to fulfill your needs, let’s give a quick overview of what an electronic distributor is and how good Toyota forklifts really are. 

How Does an Electronic Distributor Work?

The main role of an electronic distributor is to distribute current to the spark plugs in the multi-cylinder engines. 

This distribution occurs when the flow of the current comes from the primary winding, which also controls the on and off of the current’s flow cycle. As a result of this, the secondary winding produces a high-voltage current. 

After this current is produced, it is transferred to the distributor’s central terminal and travels toward the rotor’s outer edges. When the rotor comes into contact with the internal terminal of the spark plug, a high voltage pulse travels towards this plug and creates a spark inside the head of the cylinder.

Are Toyota Forklifts Any Good? 

With its extensive high-end models and unique philosophy, Toyota has been the top-selling forklift manufacturer since 2002, dominating the lift truck marketplace.

Toyota follows the Quality Circles philosophy, a program that obligates employees to put quality over quantity when manufacturing products. For instance, no matter the manufacturing stage, employees must shut down the entire production line if they identify any product quality problem until the issue is entirely resolved.

So, there should be no reservations about trusting the reliability and safety of Toyota designs, as some companies still use Toyota forklifts that were first made in the 70s.


Here are the top-tier distributors for you to check out in order to find the best solutions and products, such as electronic distributor parts, for your Toyota Forklift.

Global Materials Handling

Appointed by Toyota as its forklift distributor, Global Materials Handling has been a leader in material handling for over a decade. Global Materials Handling helps you achieve the highest profit for yourself and your business, from choosing the highest quality products to assisting you with excellent sales service. 

Their forklift parts are entirely genuine. So if you are looking for an option that will maintain the quality and performance of your equipment parts, Global Materials Handling is one of the best. 

Furthermore, they provide complete spare support for most models of forklift trucks even years after their production ends, thanks to Toyota service engineers who carry frequently used service parts.

Dillon Toyota Lift

This should be your first stop if you are looking for affordable Toyota forklift parts. 

An authorized Toyota forklift dealer since 1981, Dillon Toyota Lift is one of the best in supplying Toyota forklift parts, providing a wide range of Toyota forklift products and accessories. Furthermore, their services help stop breakdowns with preventative maintenance products.

JIT Toyota-Lift

Founded in 1983, JIT Toyota-Lift is a family-owned Toyota Industrial Equipment dealer that has been supplying forklifts, parts, and rentals for 40 years. 

With an extensive stock of Toyota lift trucks and parts, you can find a solution to any technical need you have. JIT also offers both short-term and long-term rentals, allowing you to try the parts you want before buying them. 


If you are looking for a more affordable option for purchasing Toyota forklifts, TVH’s aftermarket parts let you keep costs low without compromising your forklift’s productivity. 

With a constant flow of new Toyota forklift parts in addition to a database of over 44 million item numbers, you will always find what you are looking for.

They also have a 95% same-day shipping rate, cutting costs and time.

Lone Star Forklift

Lone Star Forklift holds each stocked Toyota forklift part to the OEM components safety standard, meaning that they are extensively tested to prove they are durable enough to survive the demands of the heaviest jobs. 

The prices are affordable as well. Lone Star Forklift buys parts and equipment from manufacturers in large bulks, resulting in lower costs without compromising quality. 

With only a model and a serial number, Lone Star Forklift specialists can find the correct parts for your unit out of thousands of high-demand parts and ship them to you the next day.


Whether your Toyota forklift requires a little boost or its electronic distributor requires proper maintenance, check out the top-tier aftermarket distributors listed above and decide which one will be the most suitable for you and your technical needs.

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