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Tormeka is a company that is enthusiastic about innovative manufacturing. We pride ourselves in manufacturing top-notch goods and services while also providing an innovative supply of technology across many industries.

Tormeka is devoted to minimizing its impact on the environment, advancing human well-being and circularity, and implementing more sustainable decisions in its manufacturing and development processes to become a corporation that has a net positive impact on both people and the environment.

Our company invests in R&D projects in accordance with our sustainable development goals thanks to experienced engineers who have integrated our work dynamic and research- and innovation-oriented attitude, cutting-edge technical gadgets and systems, and collaborations with national and international project partners.

We provide Printed Circuit Boards, Power Modules, Electrical Relays, Crystal Oscillators, Electrical Isolators, and Electrical Relays in addition to product testing and packaging

Tormeka manufactures and develops high-quality goods that satisfy even the strictest industry requirements!


Company Values of TORMEKA

Good Communication and Transparency are the primary priority of TORMEKA, to consistently achieve customer satisfaction. These values begin in the business core where all departments are expected to relay correct information and updates. It helps promote a sound working environment resulting in consistent business performance and also helps us ensure that our products will be received in the best condition and within the promised delivery time. 

TORMEKA believes that having a strong foundation is important before making external business relationships. Our values contribute in building the company’s credibility, making it easier for potential partners like you to trust TORMEKA. 

We also offer assistance in understanding our product offers as we have an encyclopaedia of electronic components. The company has different ways of communicating with clients and its business partners for a comfortable customer service experience. We are open to hearing your feedback, suggestions, and requests to help us improve our business and hopefully build a strong and long-term partnership with you.


A Stable Supplier Network

Aside from being a manufacturer ourself, we still managed to become a certified distributor for electronic brands such as iVANKY, Diotec, RAMPOW, Hongju, and more. This does not mean that TORMEKA cannot supply you with enough electronic components instead, we have considered the demands of our past customers. We do not just listen but also observe to gain inspiration and keep TORMEKA your primary choice.  

Our suppliers are located both inside and outside of Europe; thus, we proudly guarantee to still deliver the best products and services according to TORMEKA’s company values. Our encyclopaedia of electronic components and stable supplier bases are enough reason for purchasing electronics assembly companies like yours, to look no further. We may be based in Europe but TORMEKA is available worldwide through our partners from China, India, South-East Asia, and the USA.


Our products will reach you!

Along with our large scope of supplier network are several dropship facilities catered for the electronics industry across 5 continents.  This is an additional guarantee that you will receive your products on your desired delivery date and location wherever you are in the world. As customer satisfaction is important, you are free to choose which carrier and method to use with consideration of their availability from the closest TORMEKA distribution center. It may either be in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, or South Africa.


The TORMEKA quality

We are not perfect but we always strive for quality by making sure that our values drives us to provie the best for our clients and partners. TORMEKA is open to any demands of the customers but we work with integrity so when necessary, or upon a client request, we can send products to an independent ISO-approved testing laboratory. This will ensure that your requirements are me, be it military, industrial, or commercial-grade components. Lastly, we also perform certified testing following our own quality procedures to evaluate the status of our partner manufacturers.

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