8 Obsolete Electronic Parts Suppliers in Germany

8 Obsolete Electronic Parts Suppliers in Germany

Due to rapid technological growth, many electronic components are becoming obsolete or hard to find. As newer and more innovative products get on the market, original manufacturers cease the production of older or more outdated equipment and components.

Since low demand can cut profit margins, such shortages of certain products can prompt the OCM to halt manufacturing. In addition, the global inflation problem is making the electronic components supply chain more expensive and harder to obtain.

If you are looking for a hard-to-find, obsolete electronic product in light of these issues, the easiest way to find it is to search for obsolete electronic parts suppliers. Obsolete electronic parts suppliers will allow you to locate components by product line name, component type, and specifications, finding even the most outdated and rare components at reasonable prices.

Germany has been ranked number one in the list of electronic component distributors for multiple years, making it one of the best places to find one of the top-tier electronic component distributors on the market today.

Below are some of the top obsolete electronic parts suppliers in Germany you should check out for high-quality obsolete electronic components.


E.S. Electronic Service GmbH

One of the biggest obsolete electronic parts suppliers, E.S. Electronic Service GmbH, produces customer-oriented solutions worldwide, focusing its resources on electronic components and materials regarding EMI shielding, heat conduction, interference filters, and HF absorbers. 

Incorporating the latest knowledge and techniques into the production process, E.S. Electronic Service GMBH individually customizes applications using state-of-the-art technology that meet the requirements and needs of its clients for high-quality products. 

Thirty-five years of experience in these fields of expertise, qualified consultancy, excellent customer support, professional cooperation partners, and a focus on innovation and progress have led to it being one of the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2 certified electronic component distributors, proving its commitment to quality standards.


Barthel HF-Technik GmbH

Established in 2005, Barthel HF-Technik GmbH manufactures high-frequency power electronics, such as RF Amplifiers, RF Generators, and RF Switches, among many other innovative products. With its team of technically trained staff, Barthel HF-Technik GmbH’s products are employed in plasma technology, particle accelerators, HF welding, and spectroscopy.

Furthermore, as one of the few obsolete electronic parts suppliers, it has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 since August 2018, offering quality work, extensive assembly, and device testing procedures to its customers.



Originating in Velburg, Germany, PRÜFREX is one of the top family-owned obsolete electronic parts suppliers of embedded control systems in small engines, e-motors, burners, fuel cells, IoT applications, and other electronically controlled devices. 

Further developing and manufacturing electronic controls and digital ignition systems, PRÜFREX puts sustainable solutions at the forefront, helping protect the environment and improve living standards worldwide with its state-of-the-art automation technology and high-tech manufacturing.

Unlike other obsolete electronic parts suppliers, the manufacturing process consists of 100% functional testing, ensuring minimal return rates. It further complies with the rigid standards for exhaust gas and noise emissions and the safety standards for outboard engines, generators, motor-driven leisure time, sporting gear, and stationary engines.


Assmy & Boettger Electronic GmbH / A+B Electronic

Headquartered in Großenkneten, Lower Saxony, Germany, Assmy & Boettger Electronic GmbH / A+B Electronic manufactures electrical systems, embodying quality, flexibility, and customer focus for over 50 years. The company constructs switch cabinets, assembly, developments, test methods, selective leaking, and logistic services, becoming one of the obsolete electronic parts suppliers serving customers in the automotive and mechanical engineering, shipping, aerospace, and medical sectors.

Its highly trained staff produces and develops daily projects regarding prototypes and serial production, staying up-to-date with safety measurements in order to ensure that the latest production standards regarding its machines and equipment are consistently applied.



Established in 1964, FEINMETALL GmbH has been a leading manufacturer of spring contact probes and wafer probe cards. It offers various contact probe varieties for each contact-making task, including spring contact probes, test-printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, connectors, and other electronic components. 

Further developing and manufacturing contacting solutions for testing electrical and obsolete electronic components for multiple industries, such as the electrical, electronic, and automotive sectors; its highly technological development and engineering teams always try to find the best possible solutions for its customers, even for the most difficult contact-making tasks, thereby maintaining its position as one of the most successful obsolete electronic parts suppliers.


Therma Thermofühler GmbH

Headquartered in Lindlar, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, Therma Thermofühler GmbH is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in the wholesale industry, one of the longest-running obsolete electronic parts suppliers.

It manufactures, trades, and distributes temperature sensor measuring and control devices for thermal systems. Furthermore, it is not only ISO 9001 certified, but each part manufactured is subjected to a thorough routine test for small quantities and one-off productions, usually at low costs. 

Developing individual solutions for particular temperature measurement tasks, Therma Thermofühler GmbH, moreover, offers customized products for the following industries: the automotive, motorsport, air conditioning, injection molding, adhesives, university, and industrial.


Freek GmbH

Established in 1950, Friedr. Freek GmbH has made a name for itself as one of Germany’s top obsolete electronic parts suppliers. As a manufacturer of electrical resistances, it produces heating elements, constantly keeping track of market changes to find new obsolete electronic components for solving its customers’ heating challenges in the best and most innovative way possible. 

In order to achieve this, it cooperates with obsolete electronic distributors worldwide, producing high and reliable quality products resulting from cooperative development and process improvements in a network of competitors and suppliers. This ensures the ability to respond flexibly to customers. 

Furthermore, Friedr. Freek GmBH supplies its heating elements to renowned companies across various sectors. For instance, the manufacturing of highly innovative HotMicroCoils, often employed as nozzle heating elements for hot runners in plastic injection molding, is one of Friedr. Freek GmBH’s most prevalent area of distribution. Additionally, it supplies Tubular heating elements, heating cartridges, surface and film heating elements, heating elements for air heaters, infrared heaters, and the accompanying measurement and control technology.

Together with innovative production concepts and a wealth of expertise, Friedr. Freek GmBH serves more than 1000 customers yearly, offering them a vast product assortment of industrial heating elements.


RME Cable Assembly GmbH (RME)

Established in 1949, RME Cable Assembly GmbH (RME) embodies tailor-made and innovative cable solutions. As one of the few obsolete electronic parts suppliers part of the Lorenz Group, it works closely with the refrigeration/air conditioning, heating, drive technology, industrial kitchen industries, and mechanical engineering.

Its quality process is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and provides great satisfaction to all companies supplied with its customized solutions. Further, with its experienced employees using only state-of-the-art technology in mass production, development, product documentation, and logistics, RME Cable Assembly GmBH has been authorized to produce cable harnesses with a UL label since 2012.

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