Top 6 Swiss Electronic Parts Distributors

Top 6 Swiss Electronic Parts Distributors

The sourcing of electronic components has long been a crucial responsibility of purchasing managers in various sectors. The requirements for selecting the best distributor of electronic components to deliver high-quality production differ from business to business. However, when purchasing electronic components, the primary considerations would be quality, delivery, and price. Here we have narrowed down the niche to share our thoughts on the top 6 Swiss Electronics parts distributors to offer management a better picture of the distributors’ strengths.

List of the top 6 Swiss Electronics Parts Distributors 

Atron Switzerland 

Atron Switzerland is a swiss electronics parts distributor that distributes semiconductors and electronic components on its own. They keep a diverse inventory of thousands of hard-to-find and obsolete components in addition to their extensive global network of partners in the industry and global inventory. Thanks to their search engine, they can quickly and efficiently search both their stock and the stock of their global alliance. Therefore, they are your partner rather than just a components supplier. Each client feels a personal connection to their personnel, which keeps them returning.

Services Atron Switzerland Offer

  • Guaranteed an on-time delivery
  • Just-in-time schedules
  • Secure IT software and database 
  • To find and deliver shortage parts at reasonable prices
  • Annual contracts with secure stock 

Alpha Advanced Technology AG

Alpha Advanced Technology AG is one of the best Swiss Electronics parts distributor option if you require active, passive, or electromechanical components. They have worked with electromechanical components worldwide for more than 25 years. The noteworthy manufacturers and distributors in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Europe are people they have grown close to. As a result, they now have direct access to their stocks. An excellent option if you want to reduce costs is through a second source. They give you a similar replacement, especially in the electromechanical sector! Samples, data sheets, and a quality guarantee are available, along with assistance and answers.

What do they offer

  • Active components 
  • Passive Components 
  • Electro-Mechanical 

Future Electronics Switzerland

By providing exceptional customer service and creating practical, all-encompassing solutions for the global supply chain, Future Electronics has established an enviable reputation. The company’s success is partly attributed to its dedication to sustaining strong business relationships with suppliers and clients and the depth of its commercial and technical competencies across the design-production cycle. Future Electronics has the most knowledgeable sales staff, the most cutting-edge engineering/design capabilities, technological solutions, the most significant global trade compliance programme, and the world’s most extensive product inventory.

What do they offer

  • Technology-Based Product Marketing Teams
  • Unique Customer Programs
  • Comprehensive Design Support
  • Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions

SCHURTER Electronic Components

SCHURTER Electronic Components is a Swiss electronics parts distributor that produces and distributes connectors, switches, and EMC products in addition to circuit protection components as a market leader in electrical innovation and solutions. The development and production of input systems are done in close collaboration with the clients. Additionally, SCHURTER provides printed circuit board assembly services to the electronics sector. The business unit coordinates total solutions, from project planning to end-product manufacturing.

What do they offer

  • Components 
  • Input systems 
  • Customised solutions 

AMS Osram 

They provide a unique product and technology range for sensing, lighting, and visualisation, ranging from high-quality light emitters and optical components to micro-modules, light sensors, ICs, and related software. Ams’ motto is “Sensing is Life,” and they are passionate about developing sensor solutions that make technology more innovative, safer, more convenient, and environmentally beneficial. 

What do they offer 

  • LEDs
  • Lasers 
  • Photodetectors
  • Sensors
  • Interfaces 
  • Lamps & Systems 

Distrelec Group AG 

Distrelec is a Swiss company established more than 45 years ago, concentrating on electronics, automation, and measuring technologies. They took the time to understand what our customers require. They can provide a wide choice of top brand options with excellent stock availability as a high-service distributor with over 45 years of expertise. They can provide components for every budget and application requirement thanks to the over 30,000 goods they introduce yearly. We also have their own brand, RND, which emphasises providing the best value to ensure that their customers may benefit from top quality at affordable prices for their critical projects. Additionally, thanks to their years of experience and established logistics, they can deliver to you in a flash. 

What do they offer

  • Products for IoT 
  • Products for Transportation 
  • Products for Education 
  • Products for Industrial Manufacturing 
  • Products for power, utilities and the grid 

    Alternatively, purchasing managers can also come to us to place electronic parts orders. TORMEKA is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic parts, especially those that are challenging to find. This contains printed circuit boards, power modules, electrical relays, electrical isolators, and crystal oscillators, among other components. All components can be given their precise part number and manufacturer details upon request. Notably, we have a wide network and coverage, which can easily supply any electronic components to Switzerland. 

    As we supply their products and services by our terms, we have been providing to numerous companies in the electronic industry whose demands remain faithful to TORMEKA. We have an extensive database of electronic components, so you can rest easy knowing we can consistently deliver what you need.6

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