7 Obsolete Electronic Parts Suppliers in China

7 Obsolete Electronic Parts Suppliers in China


As technological innovation moves at an increasingly fast pace, consumer electronics are no longer built in the way they are meant to last. Unfortunately, the same applies to electronic components, which will quickly become obsolete when they no longer work or are no longer required. However, if you need to find a particular part that is no longer manufactured, there are still ways you can find it. 

One way to find these parts is by contacting reliable and trustworthy obsolete electronic parts suppliers. With online marketplaces having been manifested on the internet over the last few years, many reputable obsolete electronic parts supplier websites provide a wide inventory of hard-to-find and obsolete electronic parts that are easy to search by category or brand name.

However, one of the risks with sourcing obsolete electronic parts is that the quality may not be as high as those from an original manufacturer, or you may accidentally purchase a counterfeit. So naturally, you only want to buy end-of-life, hard-to-find, or obsolete electronic parts from dependable suppliers offering only original, verifiable parts. 

In this regard, an experienced supplier will ensure that they provide obsolete electronic parts that have been thoroughly checked and tested and are, thus, safe to use in manufacturing processes or as part of your projects. 

Top 7 Obsolete Electronic Parts Suppliers in China

Rantle East Electronic Trading Co., Limited

Established in 2003, Rantle East Electronic specializes in sourcing obsolete electronic parts worldwide. Through its global supply network, it is also a leading IC supplier in China, providing a complete and cost-effective sourcing solution for OEMs, distributors, R&D Groups, contract manufacturers, and other companies requiring obsolete electronic parts. Its primary focus is active, passive, and electromechanical components, including other specialty products used in military, automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries. 

With its stock of an extensive range of components and access to millions of inventory data files from major OEMs and stockists, it can further offer its customers a free component sourcing service, quickly and efficiently delivering current or obsolete electronic parts to its designated destinations.

Win Source Electronics

Since 1999, Win Source Electronics has consistently optimized its in-stock inventory and a global network of suppliers to lower transaction costs, reduce procurement cycles, and provide quality obsolete electronic parts at reasonable prices. In addition, it has been dedicated to assisting its customers to quickly and accurately find hard-to-find and obsolete electronic parts and acquire competitive prices for common-used materials. 

Today, the stock in its warehouse is more than 500.000 SKUs, saved and maintained within its ESD-protected facility.


Founded in 2008, Kynix is a global obsolete electronic parts distributor providing integrated circuits, modules, discrete capacitors, resistors, crystals, and oscillators, among other innovative products. 

Kynix has a comprehensive channel for supply sources and an expansive electronic components inventory widely used in multiple industries. 

Moreover, in order to help its customer base, Kynix has set up an operation management center as a task force focusing on improving every stage, with an additional supplement of an R & D team and an Oracle ERP system, flexibly developing and customizing the program design in order to effectively reduce internal consumption, provide solutions, and significantly enhance the operating performance. 

Furthermore, it is dedicated to the strategy of a one-to-one task force in order to assist customers in multiple different applications and shorten the time to market.


Jotrin Electronics Limited

Founded in 2006, Jotrin Electronics Limited provides integrated circuits, transient suppression diodes, chip tantalum capacitors, transistors, and electronic products devices. With its international high-tech services and position as a domestic IC supplier in China, Jotrin has established an excellent cooperative relationship with manufacturers and top-tier brands from Europe and the U.S., among various Asian countries. As a result, it has a stable supply chain, competitive pricing, fast delivery, great after-sales service, and a 100% quality guarantee. 

In addition, Jotrin’s products are certified to ISO9001:2015 international quality standard and ISO14001:2015 environmental management standard, mainly used in the aerospace, automotive, computer, electronic, household, and communications industries.



Based in Guangdong, China, Utsource is one of the biggest electronic components suppliers in China that provides IC, RF transistors, modules, and various other product types. 

It also delivers services, such as the one-stop package service, thereby reducing costs and saving its customers time and energy. 

After spending 19 years in this industry, you can rest assured that the high standards of warehouse-out inspection for the product and continuous optimization of the procurement system will guarantee the quality of every product that comes out of the warehouse, with additional cooperation from high-standard international logistics and transport companies, such as UPS, DHL, TNT, and FedEx.


Based in Hong Kong, Utmel provides original obsolete electronic parts with low prices, fast delivery, and excellent after-sales service with no minimum order requirements. Through its professional and systematic management system and professional one-stop electronic components procurement platform, it continuously improves upstream supply and upgrades its service system. 

You can be certain that you will only get products sourced from an authorized agency, distributor, or original manufacturer since it is working on the ISO/AS/ECLALECQC certification to comply with the strict regulation of product control. In addition, with the originating track bill of the agency, it can easily track the goods from the original factory to verify.


Founded in 2011 in China’s very own Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, LCSC started its business as a small obsolete electronic components company. 

After 8-year striving and accumulating experience, it grew into one of the largest obsolete electronic components suppliers in China, serving over 900,000 customers and distributing over 200,000 products ranging from semiconductors to capacitors from its Chinese electronic components online store. 

Cooperating with 700 manufacturers from the United States, Europe, South Korea, and Japan, LCSC’s products are directly from manufacturers or authorized channels. 

Furthermore, in 2017, LCSC received the Excellent R&D Supplier Outstanding E-commerce Distributor and Outstanding E-commerce Platform awards.


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