7 Obsolete Electronic Parts Suppliers in America

7 Obsolete Electronic Parts Suppliers in America


Obsolete electronic components are product parts that are no longer supported by the manufacturer who originally made them. These components are often called “end-of-life,” meaning they reached the end of their technical lifespan. With fast-changing technology, there is a growing inventory of obsolete electronics. Corporations often tend to avoid this problem by simply storing such equipment away. However, this does not mean that a given product line or model has lost significance. On the contrary, some obsolete components may still hold some residual value and function properly. This is where obsolete electronic parts suppliers come in.

Obsolete electronic parts suppliers specialize in supplying you with parts that are no longer being manufactured or have undergone a design change that doesn’t meet your specs. 

Sourcing obsolete electronic components from top obsolete electronic parts suppliers tend to cost much less than redesigning a given product or board in order to accommodate the new version of the electronic component that is typically used.

So, refrain from wasting time with unresponsive companies or slow-quoting and high-priced brokers. Instead, let the top obsolete electronic parts suppliers in America listed in this article below solve your long lead-time problems.

Best Electronic Part Suppliers in America

North Star Micro Electronics

Based in Seaford, NY, North Star Micro is one of North America’s top obsolete electronic parts suppliers, manufacturing and delivering high-quality and reasonably-priced NTC thermistors, probes, and temperature sensors, for nearly all temperature measurement, control, indication, and compensation applications.

With many parts stocked in its inventory and a vast amount of excess inventory from some of the largest manufacturers in the world, North Star Micro Electronics is an ISO 9001:2015/AS9120 B Certified Company, manufacturing services to support its customers’ manufacturing needs by locating long lead times and obsolete electronic components, ranging from aerospace, military, and industrial users.

E-Solutions USA, LLC

Established in 2003, E-Solutions USA has over 25 years of experience in logistics, technology, and recycling, becoming one of the top obsolete electronic parts suppliers in the US. It is a company consisting of highly trained and professional specialists, encompassing all the necessary skills to provide its customers with the tools they need in today’s marketplace.

Assembling experts in each field to determine the right combination of reuse, ecological recycling, and the most cost-effective methods of ensuring data security, E-Solutions USA delivers comprehensive solutions to the growing challenge of managing end-of-life electronic assets regarding asset recovery, environmental compliance, and data security.

As one of the top obsolete electronic parts suppliers, E-Solutions USA, LLC’s acquisition of IT professionals and engineering skilled trades and vast experience has further provided its customers with a depth of knowledge regarding multiple industries, such as BFSI, ITES, healthcare, energy, light engineering, warehouse & logistics, and administrative & support services.

CDM Electronics

Headquartered in Southern New Jersey, CDM Electronics distributes interconnect products and engineered cable assembly solutions, providing creative and cost-effective solutions for many interconnect applications. It further operates from an ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certified manufacturing facility, employing a staff of accredited assembly technicians, quality and testing technicians, interconnect industry professionals and mechanical and electrical engineers.

Since its founding in 1993, CDM has become one of the largest obsolete electronic parts suppliers by continually expanding its distribution and manufacturing capacity to 75,000 square feet across five different locations. Moreover, it has an expansive list of quality accreditations, including ISO certification and ITAR registration, AS9100 certification, and Nadcap certification.

Sensible Micro Corporation

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Sensible Micro Corporation is a private company specializing in semiconductor distribution. With an annual revenue that varies between 100K to 5.0M, Sensible Micro Corporation houses around 25 to 10 employees, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

An AS9120B with ISO 9001 certified distributor and supply chain solutions partner, Sensible Micro has invested heavily in warehousing, operations, and test facilities in order to meet the growing demands of its OEM/EMS customers who require the highest levels of quality and component selection, further maintaining its position as one of the most efficient and successful obsolete electronic parts suppliers.

NRI Industrial Sales LLC

Established in 2008, NRI Industrial is a leading manufacturer in corporate asset recovery, allowing businesses to recover capital from used and surplus industrial assets. Furthermore, it enables its global customers to source quality second-hand equipment at a fraction of the cost of new, eventually becoming one of North America’s largest surplus equipment sellers and obsolete electronic parts suppliers. 

As one of the top electronic component distributors in the US, NRI has helped some of the largest companies in the world to recover value from their surplus industrial parts, equipment, and machinery. Unlike the traditional obsolete electronic parts suppliers, NRI provides its clients with sustainable solutions for highly sought-after second-hand industrial equipment by partnering with businesses from various sectors, such as Pulp and Paper, Oil and Petro-Chemical, Mining, Food Processing, and Energy. With its highly sustainable solutions that keep tons of obsolete machines, equipment, and parts out of landfills and scrap piles, NRI Industrial Sales LLC preserves the economic and environmental well-being of the communities while providing the industry with an economical source of industrial equipment.

NetSource Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1997, NetSource Technology, Inc. is one of the largest stocking distributors of electronic components and global procurement services, providing comprehensive supply chain solutions to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide. Delivering hard-to-find, obsolete, and highly allocated components with long lead times to manufacturers across the globe, NetSource mainly focuses on supporting customers throughout the complete supply chain lifecycle.

With millions of electronic components in stock and industry-leading counterfeit prevention and product authentication programs, NetSource is one of the few obsolete electronic parts suppliers that are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR registered. NetSource is further one of the exclusive North American obsolete electronic parts suppliers of Cadyce products.

Contrary to many electronic component distributors, NetSource’s vast onsite inventory houses only brand-new products from many in-demand manufacturers across the telecom, IoT, mobile, medical, automotive, and aviation industries.

Direct Components, Inc.

Established in 1998, Direct Components, Inc. is an ISO/AS9120 certified electronics component distributor of obsolete and hard-to-find board-level components, providing solutions to clients in the commercial, industrial, and defense/aerospace industries. 

Further specializing in integrated circuits, memory, microprocessors, resistors, relays, semiconductors, and transistors, it offers its clients one of the most extensive global networks of approved and trusted suppliers, including the support of the supply chains of OEMs, CMs, EMS companies, and electronic component distributors worldwide. This advantage over other competition has allowed Direct Components to procure high-quality, allocated, hard-to-find, and obsolete parts at super-low prices.

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