10 Best Tools for Purchasing Managers

10 Best Tools for Purchasing Managers

Through digitization, the buyer becomes an electronic purchasing manager. Traditionally, manual, error-prone tasks like reviewing and comparing documents require much time for buyers. However, digital automation solutions modernize and future-proof the buyer’s function and duties. Automating B2B procedures is the key to a successful digital transformation of the purchasing department. Buyers can become effective electronics purchasing managers with digital automation solutions.

The modern buyer’s function and perception have altered due to the automation of purchasing operations. Purchasing facilitates new vital contributions along the value chain by acting as a moderator at the interfaces to internal partners like controlling and accounting and external partners like suppliers. Contemporary buyers develop themselves as resilient business partners by acting as electronics purchasing managers inside and outside the firm. As a result, digitizing purchasing gives the buyer a new identity.

What Do These Digital Tools Do?

The buyer of today is digital. The responsibilities of the modern buyer today go beyond simple purchases. Internal and external networking, production, value generation, and new digital business models are the three pillars of contemporary purchasing. The electronics purchasing manager combines four essential tasks using digital automation tools: 

    • As a networked value-creation manager, the modern buyer forms alliances and partnerships for strategic network management.
    • As a digital process and data manager, the contemporary buyer optimizes purchasing processes and workflows through digitization and automation. High data quality is required to optimize purchasing operations.
    • The modern buyer works to transform purchasing into a growth engine by forming collaborations with technological innovators in their capacity as a manager of technology and innovation.
    • The digital buying manager acts as a quality manager by using digital automation solutions to provide excellent data quality and transparent, trustworthy risk management.

    10 Best Digital Tools for Purchasing Managers

    Purchasing processes are frequently lengthy, awkward, and chaotic when numerous stakeholders are involved. These processes include choosing and onboarding suppliers, contract discussions, and approvals of purchase orders. As a result, purchasing teams must manage and streamline the process to cut costs and produce results on time. The automated cure for your purchases may be e-procurement software if your team struggles with complex manual operations.



    Precoro, which bills itself as “ground control for purchasing,” makes it simple to write customized purchase orders, keep track of manager approvals, and immediately allocate each payment to the appropriate budget.

    This is smart for companies with complex and continuing electronics purchasing manager needs.

    Every Precoro plan includes the following:

        • Purchase order creation and delivery

        • Billing

        • Spend data analysis

        • Approval workflows

        • Real-time budgeting

        • Vendor management

        • Catalog management

        • Three-way matching

        • Receiving

      While you can utilize templates and keep things simple, constructing “free forms” allows users to add extra fields to purchasing forms to guarantee that all crucial information is gathered.

      This allows you to be flexible when making some purchases while maintaining consistency and total control.


      Promena E-sourcing

      Promena assists companies with electronics purchasing managers and even e-procurement software, as the name implies. And in particular, those companies that must issue RFQs (requests for quotation).

      Promena will manage each bid when you issue an RFQ and keep them neatly arranged. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming (and hence expensive) element of the work done by many electronics purchasing manager teams.

      It is an efficient method for managing every transaction and a potent tool for looking back on recent purchases to determine where your money has gone. As a result, your finance and purchasing teams will be more capable and able to think forward.


      With the aid of the electronics purchasing manager tool TradeGecko, you can link your consumers and supply chain. The phrase “multi-channel or multiregional wholesaler[s] or distributor[s]” refers to companies that depend on routinely and systematically buying and selling merchandise.

      The electronics purchasing manager can “handle the order, give quotes, and fulfill them once they’ve been paid,” according to FinancesOnline. The wonderful thing about this system is that it doesn’t need a separate accounting system to handle billing and finalize deals — the business processes and records payments from the same platform where an order was made.

      TradeGecko includes some helpful tools for businesses that need to manage inventory in their primary role:

          • Automatically place orders for new items when you require them

          • Tracks partially completed orders, particularly those that are delayed by a shortage of stock

          • Links to your other tools provide you with a single source of truth.


        OrderHive is an online inventory management system. However, this technology is primarily designed for e-commerce stores or businesses offering customers products directly online.

        It includes a wide range of features, including:

            • Order and inventory management

            • Purchase tracking (including barcode systems)

            • Warehouse and returns management

            • Invoicing and payments

            • Analytics and Reporting.

          Naturally, it integrates with leading e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy.

          Compared to many other options on our list, this one is cheaper. And even while it provides a wide range of practical capabilities, it will never be as reliable as the enterprise choices you can find above and below.


          Oracle Procurement Cloud

          Oracle’s purchasing features are difficult to ignore for businesses at the “full-scale ERP” end of the range. These are composed of six skills:

              • Purchasing: Automate procure-to-pay

              • Self-Service purchasing: Manage employee requests for goods and services

              • Sourcing: Increase savings and reduce negotiation times

              • purchasing Contracts: Streamline the process and ensure supplier compliance

              • Supplier portal: Collaborate directly with suppliers

              • Supplier Qualification Management: Assess supplier risk and see all activities throughout the relationship lifecycle.

            That is a lot of firepowers for companies with significant electronics purchasing manager needs. This is not for the typical SMB trying to add structure or a little automation.

            But this is a terrific solution if you fall on this end of the spectrum and want to build a robust and long-lasting buying management system.



            This electronics purchasing manager tool is intended for a particular type of business. For example, retail brands may have more demanding purchasing requirements than most other brands. In addition, with a focus on more significant profitability and quicker turnover, they frequently place new orders for stock.

            Veeqo is used by retail companies (and certain eCommerce stores) to manage inventories.

            The electronics purchasing manager assists with order management to ensure that consumers always receive what they need on time and purchasing and inventory projections.

            Veeqo is unnecessary if you all need a tool to keep track of your purchases. However, this e-procurement software can be the right choice if you want to include orders and shipping while maintaining a single source of truth for your eCommerce site.



            Gatekeeper is an electronics purchasing manager created to make it easier for you to oversee interactions between your business, its personnel, and outside vendors. This is made possible by two different (yet complementary) platforms:

                • Vendor portal: This enables vendors to create their profiles and enter required data, saving you time and work afterward.

                • Employee portal: this facilitates team collaboration by handling internal employee requests.

              Like all the electronics purchasing managers on this list, the objective is to automate and digitize various manual tasks. To help you achieve this, Gatekeeper offers you a fantastic combination of readily usable templates and customizable workflows.



              PLANERGY is an electronics purchasing manager tool similar to Spendesk. However, PLANERGY handles purchase orders like payments, whereas Spendesk concentrates on making payments simple and uncomplicated for everyone.

              You can establish delivery instructions at the time of purchase, pre-approve vendors and transactions, and build departmental budgets and expenditure caps.

              According to PLANERGY, the substantial savings resulting from this are:

                  • Time: Purchase orders are no longer handled manually, and you can buy items for the entire organization anywhere in the world.

                  • Adding insult to injury, you have fewer contradictory orders and, ultimately, fewer errors.

                  • Money: You might look for ways to save money and prevent prohibited expenditures from returning to haunt you.

                It’s also designed to be easy for everyone in the process, which may be the biggest win of all.



                Not every business requires an all-encompassing electronics purchasing manager. Even if that is the ultimate goal, getting the system up and running may take years.

                It’s common for medium-sized and expanding enterprises to have more pressing concerns. And foremost among them is having quick and clever ways to pay for inventory and supplies, mainly when many different suppliers have various expectations of payment.

                Spendesk offers processing solutions to collect and pay supplier invoices, virtual cards for more secure online purchases, and prepaid cards with adjustable spending restrictions for businesses.


                Certify Purchasing

                A cloud-based platform for purchasing called Certify Purchasing digitizes essential procedures like requisition, approval, payment, and invoicing processing. In addition, the tool provides real-time visibility and reporting capabilities to track budgets and performance.

                    • Companies can create unique approval workflows.

                    • It contains automatic controls that make it easier to comply with legal requirements and approval procedures.

                    • Using digital two- and three-way matching to check payments and reduce mistakes.

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