A specialised research and development team that works on Industrial automation & Artificial intelligence.

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About Us

Tormeka is a company that is enthusiastic about innovative manufacturing. We pride ourselves in manufacturing top-notch goods and services while also providing an innovative supply of technology across many industries.

Tormeka is devoted to minimizing its impact on the environment, advancing human well-being and circularity, and implementing more sustainable decisions in its manufacturing and development processes to become a corporation that has a net positive impact on both people and the environment.

Our company invests in R&D projects in accordance with our sustainable development goals thanks to experienced engineers who have integrated our work dynamic and research- and innovation-oriented attitude, cutting-edge technical gadgets and systems, and collaborations with national and international project partners.

We provide Printed Circuit Boards, Power Modules, Electrical Relays, Crystal Oscillators, Electrical Isolators, and Electrical Relays in addition to product testing and packaging

Tormeka manufactures and develops high-quality goods that satisfy even the strictest industry requirements!

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